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How to Winterize Garage Doors: Tips for Getting Your Garage Doors Winter-Ready

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Dec 7, 2023 2:14:46 PM

Winterizing the garage is an essential task. If the garage is not insulated, the cold air will get into your home. It will produce an unpleasant interior atmosphere and increase your energy bills.

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Why a Quiet Garage Door Operation Matters and How You Can Make Your Garage Door Quieter

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Dec 7, 2023 2:03:33 PM

A noisy garage door will not do you any favors if it is constantly disturbing your family or neighbors, but a few simple fixes can go a long way toward reducing the overall noise level of your garage. Here are some of the most common reasons your garage door may be louder than you want it to be, as well as helpful tips for reducing excessive noise to make your home and street more comfortable!

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Garage Door Repairs vs. Replacement: What's Best for Home Value?

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Dec 6, 2023 1:57:37 PM

When your home has a damaged garage door, you know it's time for repairs, but you may also be considering the benefits of installing a new garage door instead. Major repairs can often be considered renovation opportunities—a chance to upgrade your home and increase its value. Repairing your garage door will get it moving again, but replacing your garage door may have other benefits to weigh against the garage door replacement cost.

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Topics: garage door replacement, garage door repair

May is Garage Door Safety Month

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on May 7, 2021 4:48:01 PM

By Brian Lampkin, General Manager

Garage doors and electric operators are made up of numerous stationary and moving parts. Understanding what they do is just as important as what you can touch.


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Pick Up the Pace with High Speed Dock Doors

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Mar 10, 2021 12:08:20 PM

Right in step with today's global pressures on supply chain efficiency, Raynor dock door solutions are literally at the forefront, helping distribution centers meet new high-use requirements while saving energy. Raynor's expanded range of door designs offers the latest innovations for improved R-value, open/close speeds, and rugged durability.

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How to Reset Your Garage Door Opener

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Dec 3, 2020 10:13:27 AM

If you are among the more than 4.5 million U.S. families that are buying an existing single family home this year, we have one suggestion for your move-in checklist: Remember to reset the devices that control your garage door opener. Just as important as changing your home's door locks or keying, this security step will help prevent unauthorized access to your new castle and also protect everything in the garage including all those boxes you may have staged there as you complete your move and get organized.

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Topics: Garage Door Operating Tips

Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Aug 10, 2019 10:13:32 AM


What is a torsion spring?

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Topics: torsion springs, garage door repair

Buying a Raynor RESIDENTIAL Garage Door

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Jun 17, 2019 3:37:51 PM

Being a network of Raynor garage door dealers, we have a depth of knowledge on Raynor brand garage doors, so this guide is intended to make the process of picking a Raynor garage door for your home simple and straight forward. Raynor offers everything from the standard budget friendly door to the head-turning modern showstopper. 

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Topics: garage door replacement, residential

Unconventional Overhead Door Installation

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Jun 3, 2019 1:09:15 PM


The hottest new trend in the market? Unconventional uses and ways of installing an overhead garage door! Garage doors are no longer just the boring accessory you have installed in your home and then never look back at. From entire homes to rooms, restaurants, and businesses, everyone is starting to embrace the benefits of this super contemporary trend. And the best part? We don’t see this craze going anywhere anytime soon!

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Topics: unconventional

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on May 7, 2019 12:57:07 PM

Have you been thinking about upgrading your garage door, but there never seems to be a good time to get it done? We're here to tell you our top 3 reasons why we think that springtime is the best time to replace your garage door. Of course, your door can be replaced year-round, but below are some reasons why spring is the most ideal time of the year for garage door replacement.

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Topics: garage door replacement, spring time, garage door upgrade


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