How To Lock Your Garage Door

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Feb 22, 2019 3:35:24 PM

Your garage is an important space in your home, and perhaps, one of the most hardworking. In most households, it is also the most neglected spaces. When homeowners consider adding security systems in their homes, the garage is often overlooked. 

You lock all of your other doors, why not the largest door in your house?

Sure, securing the front, back, and side doors is very important, but so is securing the garage door. It not only acts as an additional entryway to your house, it also stores your valuables. Making sure that your garage is up-to-date with all the safety and security standards is very important for every homeowner. This prevents garage door break-ins, increasing in-home safety.

How Can You Lock Your Garage?

Lock your garage door with the Raynor SecureLoc.

Raynor Door Authority’s SecureLoc is the number one lock in the market to secure your garage door. It is fully compatible with our residential garage doors and openers, and its automatic locking mechanism can be controlled by the opener. With SecureLoc, you will have anti-break-in assurance.



Still need convincing? Check out the little known facts below about garage safety.











Your dream cars... years of savings and investments - are you willing to risk it all? 











It could be your child, parent, pet. Making sure your garage door is locked is an important step in keeping your family, and yourself, safe.











When you use your front door, you always make sure it's locked - why not do the same with the garage door that you use more often?











Leaving your garage door unlocked is a free-entryway for burglars. 

Contact us today and let's get your garage locked with SecureLoc!




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