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Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Jun 17, 2019 3:37:51 PM

Being a network of Raynor garage door dealers, we have a depth of knowledge on Raynor brand garage doors, so this guide is intended to make the process of picking a Raynor garage door for your home simple and straight forward. Raynor offers everything from the standard budget friendly door to the head-turning modern showstopper. 

Raynor Residential Garage Door Options

Raynor residential garage doors come in 4 different "series" and within these series there are practically endless possibilities to customize your door to your needs.

1. Traditions Series

The Raynor Traditions Series is a line of steel garage doors built for dependability. The traditions series comes in two different models,  Masterpiece and ShowCase, and has endless possibilities for customization.


Traditions: Masterpiece

A full 2" thick, the Masterpiece model is made from a strong and impact resistant steel that provides thermal protection and added curb appeal with its beautiful embossed woodgrain texture. Customize this door with a variety of colors, panels, window, and hardware options. 


View the Traditions Series Masterpiece full product details

Traditions: ShowCase

A strong two-sided steel design with showstopping woodgrain textured embossment, makes the ShowCase model the perfect combination of style and strength. The ShowCase comes with a standard limited warranty "for as long as you own your home" against rust.


View The Traditions Series: ShowCase full product details

2. Advantage Series

The advantage series garage doors provides a high-quality door with a wide-range of affordable options to choose from.

Advantage: TradeMark

The Trademark model garage door offers a 24-gauge galvanized steel material with an embossed woodgrain surface texture. This model is a classic look with strength and durability for many years to come.


View the Advantage Series: TradeMark full product details

Advantage: BuildMark

The Raynor BuildMark gives you the option of a durable and classic door at an affordable price. This timeless garage door won't break the bank and has plenty of color, panel, window, and hardware options to choose from.


View the Advantage Series: BuildMark full product details

3. Aspen Series

The Raynor Aspen series gives you unprecedented style choices and quality to boost your curb appeal and home's value. One of our most stylish and flexible line of doors  will give your home the luxurious finishing touch you deserve. 

Aspen: AP200

Touted as the flagship model of the Raynor Aspen Series, the AP200 is elegant and strong. This model features Raynor's Neufoam Polyurethane insulation filling the whole cavity of the interior of the door. 


View the Aspen Series: AP200 full product details

Aspen: AP200LV

The Aspen AP200LV by Raynor has all of the design options that the AP200 model has, but the added bonus of a dramatically larger top window section. Both the AP200 and AP200LV can be customized with a wide-variety of solid colors or woodtone options, as panel, window, and hardware designs. 


View the Aspen Series: AP200LV full product details

Aspen: AP200 VersaView

The AP200 VersaView is a showstopper, letting you place windows in any location of the door. Letting in more light and boosting curb appeal, the AP200 VersaView is sure to make your home stand out from the block.


View the Aspen Series: AP200 Versa full product details

Aspen: AP138

The AP138 is the right door for you if you're looking for reliability. This model uses the same NeuFoam insulation as the AP200 with an R-value of 13.0 (meaning the insulation is good for a heated garage).


View the Aspen Series: AP138 Versa full product details

4. Distinctions Series

The Raynor Distinctions Series has the finest features that the garage door industry has to offer. The attention to detail and customization make it possible to make your garage doors exactly how you want it. 

Distinctions: RockCreeke

The Raynor RockCreeke provides the classic style of a wood door, without the high maintenance that comes with it. This model is a high quality insulated steel door with vinyl a capstock material that mimics the appearance of a traditional wood door. 


View the Distinctions Series: RockCreeke full product details

Distinctions: Raynor StyleView

The Raynor StyleView is an aluminum door that provides maximum visibility and architectural flexible for a stunning contemporary look. The Raynor StyleView has different window placement and finish options to customize for your liking. 


View the Distinctions Series: StyleView full product details

Distinctions: Country Manor

The Country Manor by Raynor is their timeless classic model. Like the rest of the Raynor lineups, the Country Manor door has the ability to be customized to fit your unique taste, from modern farmhouse to classic carriage style you can customize your color, panel, window, and hardware options.  


View the Distinctions Series: Country Manor full product details

If you are interested in learning more about the Residential lineup of Raynor doors you can view more information on their site here. If you are looking to talk to someone local about purchasing and installing your dream garage door you can find your local Raynor Door Authority showroom here. 

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