How To Make Your Garage Pinterest Worthy

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Feb 22, 2019 11:04:30 AM

In many homes, the garage serves as an all-in-one storage unit for all kinds of junk, rarely used items, tools, and of course…  the cars that it is intended for. But, the garage can serve as so much more than just that. The world is full of possibilities and ideas to give your garage a well-deserved upgrade!  

We put together curated boards, full of ideas, to make your garage Pinterest worthy. Explore the options below and then head to our Pinterest to view the full list.

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Start by organizing

Has your garage become just a space for you to toss all the items that don’t have a place inside the house? If your garage needs a serious overhaul, reclaim the space by starting to organize because let’s be honest, if you throw something in the garage to “store,” are you really going to use it later?

Budget friendly DIY

Don’t have an over-the-top budget or just want to get going on some hands-on projects? From a neat and tidy pet food dispenser to creative storage units, these additions to your garage will surely make it Pinterest worthy!




One of the biggest things that will make your garage, and your home, stand out is by injecting your own personality into it. Sure, there are so many ideas that you can duplicate in your own space, but there’s nothing better than being able to walk into your space and instantly getting a taste of your personality.

With our Renoworks Configurator, you can design and visualize your dream garage doors on your home that speak to your and your home’s individuality, and of course… Raynor’s experts will guide you through every step of the way.



Unconventional Installs

From transforming your garage into an inside-out open concept space to installing a solar roof to your stand-alone garage, there is an endless list of possibilities of unconventional ideas for turning your garage into a highly Pinterest worthy space that serves as much more than a storage space.

We offer a wide line of residential garage doors, including traditional steel garage doors, wood garage doors and carriage-style garage doors. Raynor’s energy-efficient storm doors protect your home by keeping the elements out and keeping comfort in. Our professional-class storm doors are made with 20% thicker aluminum than what’s found in consumer-grade storm doors sold by home improvement retailers. We also offer custom-made storm doors to ensure the perfect fit for your unique entryway.


Complete Makeover

Sometimes your space just needs a fresh start! Whether you want to have a freshly painted garage or just want to make use of the extra garage... or two, we know exactly what you can do!

Whether you’re replacing your current garage door or building a new garage, Raynor Door Authority has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right door. With our certified technicians, you know your garage is in the right hands. 

Check out our RockCreeke garage doors – a complete showstopper!



We want to see what makes your garage Pinterest worthy! Share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the hashtag #RaynorPinterestWorthy, or fill out the contact form below and let us help you create the garage of your dreams.


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