How To Pick A Garage Door - 5 Things To Consider

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Mar 26, 2019 3:17:49 PM

Picking the right garage door for your home can be very intimidating - endless possibilities and each one can completely transform the look and style of your home. When you choose Raynor Door Authority, you’re not just getting a superior garage door – you’re getting professional garage door installation and service expertise.

Wondering how to pick a garage door? Our top 5 pieces of advice:

1. Visualize your dream garage doors on your home before you make the commitment.


Picture above: RDA's Design-A-Door program

With Raynor Design a Door Visualizer, your dream garage door is just a few clicks away. We help you take the guesswork out of choosing your new garage door. Simply upload a picture of your house, use our easy to work with program and outline your current garage door, and then explore and visualize any of Raynor's collection of garage doors on your own home.

2. Choose the right style that compliments your home.


Picture above: our Aspen LuxeVue garage doors

Garage doors make up a significant portion of a home's exterior, and choosing the right one can be a daunting experience, but making the right choice can increase your home's curb appeal. With a wide range of options ranging from color, material, and design elements, Raynor Door Authority makes it easy for you to make the commitment.  

Our architecturally stunning StyleView garage doors are an inspiration in both form and function. They offer architectural flexibility, maximum visibility, and extreme durability in maintenance-free aluminum doors. The Custom Profile, Wide Profile, and Narrow Profile models feature a series of unprecedented designs, architectural glass options, and 188 ArmorBrite™ or 7 anodized color finishes to showcase a home’s unique flair. From modern styles to classic facades, StyleView is the choice for achieving a contemporary look or accentuating the design of any residence

Visit our products page to find the style that's right for you.

3. Pick The Right Material.

Traditions Series

Picture above: our Traditional Series garage doors

Raynor's RockCreeke Classic Carriage House Style doors give homeowners time-honored styling and a wood appearance without the high maintenance associated with a wood door. Composed of a high-quality insulated steel door overlayed with a highly engineered, long-lasting vinyl capstock material, these doors duplicate the appearance of classic wood without the hassles of real wood.

Raynor's Traditional Series steel residential garage doors are built for dependable, long-lasting performance and offer homeowners an excellent option in three-layer construction. There is no product series in the industry with more flexibility and customization options, making Raynor’s Traditions Series well equipped to be the ideal complement to your home’s facade.

Visit our products page to find out about our full range of durable garage doors. 

4. Consider weather conditions and restrictions.

Picture above: our RockCreeke Classic Carriage House Style doors

Taking into account the weather conditions is very important when selecting your garage door. Different materials react differently at specific temperatures. A garage doors durability and annual maintenance wind down to the material used to make the door and the conditions it's put under. For instance, installing real wooden doors requires a lot of care and high annual maintenance. 

The Masterpiece collection is eye-catching, adding instant curb appeal, while keeping your home safe and secure with its two-sided steel design. With more than just good looks, our ShowCase series  provides a strong, two-sided, steel design with superior strength, unrivaled durability, and unsurpassed protection against noise, impact, and weather.

On the other hand, not only are our Country Manor style garage doors a perfect addition to your country-style home, they're equipped with Neufoam™ insulation which provides the ability to guard your garage against hot and cold temperatures and a WeatherLock™ section joint that prevents air and water infiltration. Style and energy efficiency combine here to provide a comfortable climate in your garage.

5. Choose your garage accessories.

Picture above: our Apsen Distinct Finish Woodtone doors

From garage door openers, security locks, hardware, and decorative windows, you have a lot of options when accessorizing your garage doors. These accessories add security and extra curb appeal. Raynor offers a wide range of accessories, perfect for any style doors you pick. 

Raynor’s full line of residential garage door openers offers a broad selection of performance, features, and durability. All models offer the ultimate in garage door opener safety and security features, are available in a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems, as well as wall-mounted jackshaft door operators and battery backup systems. MyQ™ technology enables you to securely monitor and control your garage door opener with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our SecureLoc system combines the strength of a Raynor residential garage door with a Raynor Prodigy II™ garage door opener that automatically locks when the door closes. When professionally installed by a Raynor Authorized Dealer, this system gives you the confidence to know that your garage door is locked and prevents access through compromising the release device.

We also offer a wide selection of handles, straps, and windows that will instantly add character to your garage door. 


Contact Raynor Door Authority today and let us help you create and install the garage doors that are right for you and your home.


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