Unconventional Overhead Door Installation

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Jun 3, 2019 1:09:15 PM


The hottest new trend in the market? Unconventional uses and ways of installing an overhead garage door! Garage doors are no longer just the boring accessory you have installed in your home and then never look back at. From entire homes to rooms, restaurants, and businesses, everyone is starting to embrace the benefits of this super contemporary trend. And the best part? We don’t see this craze going anywhere anytime soon!

Check out these stylish, unconventional ways of incorporating overhead garage doors in your interior and exterior design. From open floor plans to floor-to-ceiling windows, we can’t say we’ve seen it all, but we sure are excited about everything that this trend has to offer.

Residential garage doors

Photo by - Look for living room pictures                                            Photo by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects 

You can instantly make a small space appear to be bigger by replacing one (or more!) of the walls with an overhead door. Depending on your desired level of privacy, you can choose between an array of finishes such as frosted - with a cloudy, foggy appearance, you'll still let loads of light in but still obscure of what's going on outside, satin - similar to the frosted finish but the biggest difference is the finishing look. True to its name, satin glass has a smooth, silky, and more matte finish than the frosted glass. On the other hand, adding a reflective finish to your glass door can give it a chic finish with its reflective, metallic finish. 

Commercial garage doors

Restaurant overhead doors

Pictured above: Restaurant walls replaced by garage doors, installed by Raynor Door Authority.

Garage doors at restaurants are a great way to adapt your space to the weather. In the summer, roll up the garage and convert your space into an open patio. In the winter, roll down the doors and convert your restaurant into a warm and cozy space.  

Spa doors


An in-home spa or a beautiful commercial location, this is a stunning way of incorporating nature into your space. Whether the doors lead to an outdoor Jacuzzi or just an incredible view, this feature will surely have everyone coming back!

Industrial overhead doors

Installed by Raynor Door Authority, pictured above is an engineered tracking system on the garage doors to match the pitch of the roof. 

While unconventional industrial installations aren't as flashy as a restaurant or spa, there are many cases where a standard overhead door off the shelf would not work. There are many different unconventional and custom options for your industrial application available. 

limited-headroom-installPictured on the left: With a limited amount of headroom, Raynor Door Authority was able to get required height for opening by the customer.


If you are interested in adding an overhead door to your business or home and aren't sure whether it's possible, give your local Raynor Door Authority showroom a call and we'll walk you through our custom process!


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