Pick Up the Pace with High Speed Dock Doors

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on Mar 10, 2021 12:08:20 PM

Thermaseal Series warehouse dock doorRight in step with today's global pressures on supply chain efficiency, Raynor dock door solutions are literally at the forefront, helping distribution centers meet new high-use requirements while saving energy. Raynor's expanded range of door designs offers the latest innovations for improved R-value, open/close speeds, and rugged durability.

Following is a summary of how the different types of Raynor dock doors address specifications related to newly constructed warehouses as well as requirements for replacement applications.

Raynor Dock Door features

Thermal Resistance

Dock doors account for a high percentage of exterior wall exposure. As such, they can represent hundreds or even thousands of dollars per door unit in annual energy savings potential. Even in high-traffic warehouses, the doors are typically kept closed most of the time. When paired with dock compression pads, levelers, and other ways to seal gaps when trailers are in place, a properly specified Raynor dock door is one of the most important elements determining overall warehouse energy efficiency and contribution to LEED compliance.



The evolution of dock doors has yielded several new options in materials and construction. These new choices provide warehouse operators and architects with an opportunity to specify a door solution that best suits a particular environment. The ability of a door to stand up to abuse also affects its energy efficiency, helping to maintain a snug fit around the perimeter and between sections.

Beyond the usual hits by trailers, a dock door is also subject to damage from inside by fork trucks and hand trucks. For many of those high-use areas, Raynor's new FlexFit™ Series Polycarbonate sectional doors provide superior durability, absorbing accidental impacts and flexing rather than denting and buckling like standard steel doors. With normal impacts, this new material rebounds to its original shape, helping eliminate many common service calls and related expenses. Heavy-duty rollers and 12 ga. end stiles, plus spring-loaded locks and handles, are also part of this rugged system.


high-speed dock doors

Also impacting energy efficiency is how quickly a dock door can open and close. A fabric coiling door such as Raynor RapidCoil series is the clear winner in this category, moving at lightning speeds up to 48" per second, or 96" per second as an option. Industry studies have shown that the amount of time a door remains open accounts for more energy loss than insulation alone.

Though fabric coiling doors provide lower R-values than insulated sectional overhead doors or steel coiling doors in static (closed) mode, limiting air exchange with a fast-acting door may be the best answer, particularly in facilities with high traffic. For further reference, the Door & Access Systems Association (DASMA) has developed a standard for testing procedures to examine the relationship between thermal transmittance and air infiltration.


Backed by the expertise of Raynor's engineering team, your Raynor Door Authority can help you determine a door solution that will best fit your facility's requirements, helping you keep pace with the demands of today's accelerated shipping and receiving operations. Whether your project involves new warehouse construction or a door replacement initiative, Raynor Door Authority offers the industry's most complete range of dock door solutions.


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