Why Spring Is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door

Posted by Raynor Door Authority on May 7, 2019 12:57:07 PM

Have you been thinking about upgrading your garage door, but there never seems to be a good time to get it done? We're here to tell you our top 3 reasons why we think that springtime is the best time to replace your garage door. Of course, your door can be replaced year-round, but below are some reasons why spring is the most ideal time of the year for garage door replacement.


The Weather Is Ideal for new garage door installations

In the winter months, you have to worry about the materials for your garage door replacement being exposed to the harsh weather, as well as anything that you are storing in your garage. The opposite is true for the summer months, depending on how hot it gets. If you are replacing your garage door in extremely hot temperatures, it's not typically an issue, but it's possible the materials can expand, making it difficult to work with, as well as being very hot for your garage door installer to work with. Have you ever touched metal sitting out in the summer sun? Ouch! Typically, spring is not too hot, not too cold and the ideal climate to replace your door in.

Winters are busy

Garage door repair companies are very busy in the winter. The worse the weather, the more emergency repair calls that come in, which means it may be harder to quickly book an installation appointment. By the springtime, repair calls due to the cold will stop coming in, making it easier to get an appointment in a timely manner. 

increase your homes Curb Appeal

Springtime is when everyone gets outside to bring their lawn back to life, spruce up the outside of their houses, and overall make their property look great. If you are already thinking about upgrading your garage door, why not do it at the same time you are making all of the other upgrades to your property? You'll have the best-looking house on the block come summer!

So if you are planning on replacing your garage door, don't wait until it's cold and your yard has lost its summertime beauty. Call your local Raynor Door Authority showroom and get it done right now during spring!


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